Our passion, turned into a business…

Welcome to The Good Group

We are a family-run team of luxury home developers and interior designers

We absolutely love what we do, and what began as a personal passion/hobby, has turned into a bustling business, where we turn our customer’s dreams into reality.

We understand that your home is important. It’s your safeguard and it needs to be treated as such. Damian, the founder of The Good Group, comes from a corporate background. His project management skills instil confidence in all our customers, as he knows what it takes to provide a high-level of service. This all begins with communication between Damian and the customer, which is why communication is always at the forefront of his mind.

Damian learnt early on from personal experience that if communication is lacking, unnecessary delays, stress and mistakes are made. By keeping communication frequent, and up to date, he avoids any of the ‘usual’ annoyances working with contractors can cause.

About The Good Group
About The Good Group
About The Good Group

Interior styling service

Why we believe we should build your luxury house design

If you’ve been deliberating for a while about when the right time would be to build your dream home, and you’ve decided now is the time. It’s a big project, and you want to work with people you can trust, who understand what you want, and need. The Good Group don’t just build houses, we build relationships. More important to us than anything else is building foundations with our customers, so they come back to us time and time again.

A family run business

We are powered by our robust team over at our sister company – Design AV. If you work for Design AV, you work for The Good Group. Being a successful, family run business means we share common values, and have a strong commitment to the work we do. We understand how much family means, and that the core of any family is the home. So, we keep this in mind when we create bespoke designs for our customers. We appreciate that keeping you informed, updated, and building a home you love is what’s most important.


Everyone involved in The Good Group comes with their own expertise, from Damian’s corporate background, to Georgina’s corporate event management experience. The Good Group are specialists in their field, and provide the high end, of high end service. Everything we create, is with our customer in mind.

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We understand, we really do…

It’s personal

We get it because we have done this numerous times ourselves. This is personal, and as a huge investment and a once in a lifetime opportunity no doubt you will have been planning this for a while. Yes, there will be disruption, but our focus is to lead you through the process seamlessly, with you feeling confident that we have this in hand. Our main goal is to ALWAYS keep you concerns at bay, and to create a positive experience.

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Now is the time!

If you keep thinking about it, instead of doing it, you’ll never do it. Now is the time to begin the journey to your dream home. And starting this process with The Good Group couldn’t be any easier, just pick up the phone, and give us a call.

our mission is to…


Manage and exceed expectations

To create luxury house designs that don’t just meet a need, they exceed a need, not just for today but for years to come


ensure the use of sustainable materials & efficient methods

To use sustainable, long-lasting, good-quality, materials in all our home builds and interior styling. Improving efficiency, that won’t cost more than traditional methods


provide an end-to-end service

Provide an end-to-end service, from initial planning, right through to aftercare, managing contractors and specialists, so there’s only one point of contact needed


provide exceptional communication

Utilise our corporate background to provide exceptional communication. We’re not just a builder company, we’re a group of people who project manage the process, in order to provide a remarkable customer journey.


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