Nestled in the grounds of an old regency home, this run-down and unused coach house bared the scars of time. This coach house had a weathered facade telling tales of neglect. It was a blank canvas waiting for revival. Our team of experts saw the potential to transform this forgotten structure into a unique and purposeful space.


The original coach house was carefully deconstructed, and any salvageable materials such as bricks were repurposed in the new structure.

The new coach house was designed to incorporate modern green building techniques such as solar panels and insulation made from sustainable materials. These features helped to reduce the building’s carbon footprint and enhance its energy efficiency.

To maintain the historical integrity of the coach house, traditional architectural elements were included in the design, such as arched doorways, timber-framed windows, and a classic fa├žade. These features paid homage to the coach house’s historical roots while blending with the modern eco-friendly enhancements.